Publication Ethics

Jurnal Locana contains research articles, findings, ideas, and scientific studies related to arts education and art studies. Therefore, Jurnal Locana has formulated publication ethics, which must be obeyed by the Publisher, Editors, Reviewers, and Authors.

Publisher's Responsibilities

  1. Jurnal Locana maintains privacy and protects intellectual property, copyrights, and editorial independence.
  2. Jurnal Locana guarantees the editors and reviewers academic freedom in performing their tasks.
  3. Jurnal Locanaas, a scientific journal publisher, publishes articles that have been edited, peer-reviewed, and given layouts consistent with the regulation of scientific journal publication.

Editors' Responsibilities

  1. The editors of Jurnal Locana are responsible for determining the suitability of articles to be published in the journal while observing legal provisions related to defamation, copyright violation, and plagiarism.
  2. The Editors and editorial team always maintain the confidentiality of every piece of information on the submitted paper or article unless on author's permission.
  3. The editors make fair and accessible commercially biased decisions and ensure fairness consistent with the peer-review process.
  4. Racial, gender, religious, ethnic, citizenship, political, or ideological differences of an author must not influence the editors' decisions in both the review process and decision-making in publishing an article.
  5. The editors shall not use papers not published for scientific activities performed by the editor(s) without written permission from the author(s). Confidential information or idea obtained through peer review shall be kept confidential and not used for personal gain.

 Authors' Responsibilities

  1. The authors are responsible for writing papers or articles ethically, honestly, and accountably, consistent with the regulation of scientific writing in effect.
  2. The authors are responsible for following publication requirements: originality, non-plagiarism, and not having been published in other journals or publications.
  3. The authors are responsible for honestly presenting their ideas or research articles without plagiarism and data manipulation.
  4. The authors are responsible for confirmations submitted for articles they have written.
  5. The authors are responsible for showing references from others' cited opinions and works
  6. The authors must not send/publish the same articles to more than one journal or other form of publication.

Reviewer's Responsibilities

The reviewer is in charge of helping the editors in making editorial decisions on the suitability of papers/articles to be published:

  1. Reviewer shall review papers objectively and by using argumentative clarity.
  2. Reviewer shall maintain the confidentiality of article authors' information and not for personal gain.
  3. The reviewer is responsible for citations, references, and plagiarism of the articles it reviews.
  4. The reviewer is responsible for the recommendations of the articles in reviews.